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Studio Policies

In consideration of others we ask that you please:
  • Turn off cell phone ringers. If you accept a call, please leave the class to talk.
  • Speak softly so others may concentrate on their workout.
  • Refrain from wearing heavy cologne or perfumes to class.
  • If wearing shorts, we request bike shorts or tights be worn underneath. Yoga or dancewear is appropriate attire while practicing.
  • Wipe off Pilates equipment, replace all springs and straps neatly after use.
  • All classes, trainings and services are paid in advance.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Pilates?
It is a workout that strengthens your core and tones your entire body without adding bulk, to create long, lean muscles. Pilates will also improve your posture, flexibility and balance.

What should I wear?
Fitted clothes are best so we can evaluate your form. We recommend yoga pants or fitted long shorts.

How many times per week should I do Pilates? Because the muscles of the body are used in harmony with one another and not over strained, Pilates can be done daily. Results can be obtained with as little as one class per week.

Will Pilates help me lose weight?
Pilates increases strength which changes your muscle to fat ratio, therefore increasing your metabolism. This, with healthy nutrition, will help you to lose body fat.

Is Pilates safe for those who are injured, who have never exercised regularly or who are pregnant?
Pilates is fine for people who have had knee, back and ankle injuries and for those who find traditional exercise programs too difficult. In fact, many people experience dramatic improvements in their overall health. If unsure, please consult with your doctor. Continuing a Pilates program can be safe throughout pregnancy, however we do not recommend starting any exercise program after you become pregnant.

Are the instructors certified?
All instructors at our Studio are professionaly certified and are working towards becoming credentialed by the Pilates Method Alliance, which is the highest standard available in Pilates.

What if I have to cancel?
To cancel a class, click on the online scheduler or call the Studio at 832-515-1581 and leave a message.

Cancellation Policy
As a courtesy to our staff and guests, all cancellations must be done by 5pm the day before your scheduled class. This allows enough time for other clients, that might be waiting, to participate in a class. If you do not cancel by 5pm, you will be charged full price for the scheduled class. To cancel, please log in to our online scheduler or call the studio at 832-515-1581 and leave a message.

No Refunds
Once you have purchased a class, training or service, there will be no refunds given. However, you may transfer the funds in your account to a friend or family member. To do so, please contact us at 832-515-1581 and leave a message or email us at info@healthylifeunlimited.com.


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